A Big Kon-Mess

Kon-Mari is Kon-Messy and time Kon-suming…

It all started with a closet and the frustration of trying to find sheets to fit our bed. This closet is organized now (I wish I had taken a before picture) but it didn’t look this way a couple months ago. It took about three days of work to get this closet to this stage but here’s the thing with going through your stuff and organizing, it creates a HUGE mess before it starts looking better. I’m still in the mess stage because once I started, I have been side-tracked for a variety of reasons.

Several of those reasons I cannot or will not do anything about (work, working out, gardening) because they are necessities for me. They are self-care by either providing my livelihood or a way to decompress/alleviate stress and have health benefits. The one time suck that I can control is social media. I spend a lot of time on Facebook and have been reading articles lately that the average American spends upwards of four hours a day on Facebook alone! That’s 1500 hours a year but when you break it down into 24 hour increments, it’s 60 days!! 60 days my friends. But even if I only spend two hours a day, over a year, that’s 30 days!! And I wonder why I’m in the Kon-Mess that surrounds me.

I want to do things that “spark joy.” I have goals this year. I have projects that I want to complete. I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love to blog. I love to read. I love to workout. I love to garden. I love to bake. And for every hour I spend on social media, it’s one hour I lose for something I love to do. I do not have four hours, or even two, of precious time for Facebook.

And so I am deactivating my Facebook account for a while and removing the app from my phone. I’ll still have my Page Manager and Messenger apps as I have commitments to volunteer organizations. I will still post on Instagram (honestly, I like it so much more than Facebook for a variety of reasons.) When we cut the cable cord last year, my television watching time decreased significantly and I really do not miss TV at all. Maybe that will be the result of the Facebook hiatus. Who knows? But I’ve got people to see, places to go, things to do and a big Kon-Mess to clean up! Wish me luck!