Have you ever heard someone say, “Nine times out of ten…” and wondered to yourself “What about the tenth time?”  If so, welcome to my world.

I returned to college when I was in my early 30’s.  I ended up graduating from a small college that had a non-traditional student population that was double the size of the students that lived on campus. Yet, almost every school activity was geared towards the “traditional” student body. Some of the absurdities that I dealt with there led to my first journalistic pursuit. I wrote a guest column for the college paper and called it “And the Tenth Time.” I drew on my experiences there, and in my everyday life, because it seems that if there is an off-chance that something odd will happen, it will happen to me.

Not that they’ve all been bad things… I have had some weird things happen to me but these experiences have provided much laughter after the fact.

And probably one of the most absurd things ever is that I’ve finally jumped into the blog scene…  I hope I’m able to laugh about this one as well!